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‘Slow Down for Tommy’ Road Safety Group - Questionnaire

This group has been set up by the family of Tommy Kenny who was tragically killed by a car on Brook Road on 28th April 2007.

We have the support of the Borehamwood Times, Local MP, James Clappison and Brake Road Safety Charity. Our aim is to improve road safety in your community. In order to determine what needs to be done, we are asking all local people to complete this short questionnaire.

Your help in completing this questionnaire will allow us to try and make a difference for our children’s safety.

Are you concerned about road safety in your area? Please give the name of your road/street, all information supplied is confidential and will not be given to any other parties except for compiling road safety statistics.

Yes: No: Name of Road:


Q2. If you answered yes to Q1 please tick your concerns out of the following options (tick as many as you like):
No or little 20mph speed limits in force in school/park roads *
No speed cameras on school/park roads
Not enough speed limit signs
Speeding local drivers
Speeding drivers who don’t live locally
Children not walking or cycling safely
Speed limit too high
Need for a pedestrian crossing on particular road *

* Please state which road(s):



If you don’t think all, or some of the concerns listed above are valid, please explain why here:



Please explain any additional concerns you may have:



Would you be willing to spare any time to help promote road safety?

Yes: No:



If you would like to be contacted about helping to promote road safety, please give your details below:


Data Protection Act: the information you provide will be held by Brake and will not be made available to other companies.

Slow Down for Tommy and Brake would like to occasionally send you information about its campaigns by email.